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Refundid (AU Only)

What is Refundid?

Refundid is a third-party company offering instant refunds for Australia-based customers.*. Refunds are issued to a nominated bank account within 60 seconds of being booked here. Customers have 7 days to lodge the return at the post office before the

Will I be charged a fee for using Refundid?

Refundid is free to use for all Australian based customers —customers do not pay for this service. In the event that your refund is cancelled or rejected, some fee(s) may apply. To view a full list of Refundid's fee schedule, head here.

When will I receive my instant refund from Refundid?

Instant refunds are received to the nominated bank account within 60 seconds of the return being booked. Customers can book an instant refund via the Refundid booking portal.

Why is my refund amount less than I paid?

Your refund may be less than you paid to include the cost of the original shipping label that you purchased through Refundid.

Can I use Refundid if I placed my order with Klarna, ZipPay or Afterpay?

Refundid works will all payment gateways. This means that you can still receive an instant refund with Refundid even if you originally purchased your item with a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) e.g. Afterpay, Zip Pay, or Klarna. Simply follow the usual Refu