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What's the difference between Original and Ceramic?

frank green has two types of reusables to choose from, Original and Ceramic, with both ranges offering different and contrasting sizes. 'Original' As the name suggests, our Original range is our bread and butter and what started frank green. Our

What are the parts of the button lid?

our award-winning, Australian made, one-handed push-button design is built to help retain the temperature of your drinks and to create a spill-proof seal* the lid has two holes on top, the larger of the two functions as a mouthpiece when the button

How long will my frank green cup or bottle stay hot or cold?

Your frank green temperature retention will depend on which of the frank green range you have purchased! Due to the vacuum-sealed insulated technology of our Ceramic range, it should keep your drinks hot or cold at a controlled temperature for much

Can any frank green cup have frank green Pay?

frank green Pay is only accessible if you have the Tap to Pay Reusable Cup or Bottle. This range and functionality is currently limited to Australia with planned rollouts across the US and UK soon. You will need to download the frank green Pay app

How long can my monogram be and can it include special characters?

Make your frank green yours with our monogramming service!

Which reusable products can be monogrammed?

Monogramming is available across our cups and bottles! Just look out for the monogram option when purchasing your product. *Monogramming is currently only available on the Australian and New Zealand site.

How does monogramming work?

Our monogramming is completed by a laser, which on the Ceramic Reusable Range takes off the top coloured matte layer leaving a silver-coloured monogram as per below. This is very popular, and makes your monogram stand out! _Z9A0299-1.jpgmceclip0.png

How do I attach my silicone strap to my straw lid?

Attaching a new strap or swapping your strap for a different colour is very simple but it's important to make sure it's done properly to ensure no unnecessary strain is placed on the sections of the strap where it shouldn't be!. Please ensure the thi

I can't sip any water from my straw lid! How does the suction mechanism work?

We've recently updated our straw lid mechanism to prevent pesky leaks!This means you now have to push the mouthpiece all the way back until it clicks into place. This can be a little difficult with new products, but with regular use, it will become m

What is the difference between the straw lid and flip lid?

The new Flip-Up Straw Lid has a flip-up function. With a swift slide of a button, the mouthpiece flips up offering easy, touch-free, one-handed hydration.

How do I monogram my frank green cup or bottle?

A monogram can be added on a number of our products! To add a monogram to a cup or bottle: Select your cup or bottle Choose your size and colours Click 'Customise' Click '3' Tick 'Monogram' Select the number of characters Enter the text that you