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How do I recycle my frank green reusable? ♻

At the end of its life, your frank green (which is made from BPA free & FDA/EU approved materials) is fully recyclable! This is subject to recycling options/programs available in your area, as certain materials are not considered recyclable in some

What are the dimensions of my reusable?

Ceramic Stainless Steel Reusable Cups. 14.6cm without straw18.2cm with straw. 13.4cm without straw16.7cm with straw. Original Reusable Cups. Ceramic Stainless Steel Reusable Bottles. Original Reusable Bottle. Coffee and Tea

Where are my frank green reusables made?

reusable cups & bottles ceramic range our ceramic range is made from a ceramic inner layer and stainless steel outer. it is triple-walled and vacuum insulated! Screen_Shot_2019-09-11_at_1.39.25_pm.png original & tap to pay range our original range is

Can I buy a spare part or replacement part for my reusable?

Great question!. We have an extensive Parts page available for a variety of components and pieces to your frank green! You can purchase anything from straws, to buttons, to straw lid hulls!. As a sustainably driven company, our aim and priority are a

Is my frank green reusable odour and stain resistant?

All frank green cups are made to be odour and stain resistant, but we understand that sometimes things might not feel right. Our products come straight out of production and should be washed thoroughly before use. There will be an initial �new parts�